Data intelligence & tools for cannabis businesses &pharmas'

Data2Life provides AI-based platform for Real World Data , processed and analyzed into big data solution that enables flexible, secured and comprehensive data toolkit for cannabis, healthcare and life science businesses . 

We provide actionable insights in a user friendly manner ranging from static reports to interactive data tools.

Data2Life Products

Cannabis Data intelligence

Know what your customers say about your product.

D2L provides flexible and comprehensive data platform for the cannabis industry.  We act as your in-house data experts and help you to aggregate you thousands of free text reviews and post from medical fourms , 

We offer customizable modules, based on online patients discussion.

Pharma's Tx Profiler 

Lead your decision making process

D2L solution delivers RWE for pharma digital marketing and research needs, looking to leverage insights and KPI's into clear actions.  Tx can simplify your day to day tasks as well as critical moves such as hypothesis validation, drug discovery and business prioritization  based on your data.

Canna-pharma Rx Surveillance

Post Marketing tracking for clinical decision support

D2L developed a post-launch tracking and alerting platform, delivering customized safety based alerts and reports for post marketing surveillance.

Platform abilities contains analyzed data of safety signals and adverse events for selected pharmaceutical products and ongoing monitoring of drug performance

Drug Discovering & Repurposing

RxPurpose was created to promote a robust and repeatable process for pharma innovation

Insights helps Identify unmet needs and repurposing opportunities within the existing portfolio based on positive side effects, as well as reformulation opportunities based on the reduction of drug and disease burdens.