Data2Life at IBM AlphaZone: What We Learned

Data2Life is a proud recent graduate of IBM AlphaZone, a 20-week program designed to help startups build a new generation of cognitive technology solutions in Big Data Analytics, Cloud, Mobile, Security, Internet of Things and Smarter Commerce.

Check out Data2Life’s Ianiv Eisenscher on our experience.

We learned an immense amount from both IBM’s technology leaders and life sciences experts about how pharmaceutical companies view drug safety analytics and the potential applications within pharmacovigilance. Further, we see how insights can also offer upside for pharmas seeking to boost innovation and create more opportunities for repurposing and repositioning existing drugs.

We also gained deep insight into how powerful technologies – such as IBM Watson, SoftLayer and DashDB – are allowing companies to overcome the “big data challenges” faced by IT teams, especially in terms of capturing and analyzing huge amounts of unstructured data. We look forward to our ongoing partnership with IBM as we continue to build out the Data2Life solution set.

The bottom line: we are more passionate than ever about building a powerful and accessible pharmaceutical intelligence platform so PV, innovation and clinical research teams can gain   better insights into how drugs perform in the real world.

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